I am happy to announce my candidacy for the Board of Trustees of the Highland Park Independent School District. The election will take place on May 4.  As you may know, I am:  

  • an attorney by experience and training, currently serving as Director of a litigation consulting and litigation support company,
  • the proud father of two current HPISD students,
  • a former HPISD teacher and coach,
  • a graduate of Highland Park High School,
  • a current and past volunteer, having served in dozens of leadership roles within the school district (please review my list of school district activities below), and
  • the proud husband of a former HPISD teacher and HPHS graduate, Liza Graham Ellis.

I have a long history of service and loyalty to HPISD, and I am passionate about improving our public schools. Our state's school finance laws present difficult challenges for our school district, and I am prepared to work with our legislators, Trustees, and community members to tackle the tough financial challenges. Please support me, in the upcoming election, so that I will have the opportunity to serve our community as a Trustee on the HPISD School Board.

Below are some examples of some of the ways I have served the Highland Park Independent School District and the Park Cities community over the past 30 years, including 17+ years serving on the Boards of Directors of the HP Education Foundation and the HP Alumni Association

Highland Park Education Foundation

  • Director – Board of Directors (7+ years of service)
  • Finance Committee Member
  • Strategic Planning Committee Member
  • Board Secretary
  • Dads for Plaid Chair
  • Liaison to HPISD Central Dads Club

Highland Park Alumni Association

  • Class Representative (HPHS Class of 1990)
  • Director – Board of Directors (10+ years of service)
  • Liaison to Highland Park Education Foundation
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Chairman

Highland Park ISD Centennial Celebration

  • Event Planning Committee, Co-Chair 2014

Highland Park High School

  • Member of Principal’s Sounding Board parent committee (2+ years)
  • Sideline Analyst and Post-Game Interviewer for Highland Park Scots Football Radio Broadcast Team
  • Participant in HPHS Dads Club, including annual Faculty Appreciation Cookout and annual all-HPISD Dads Club Softball Tournament
  • Member of Teacher/Administrator/Parent/Student Committee for Review of HPISD Extra Curricular Code of Conduct
  • HPHS Inclusion and Respect Committee Member (Education for Students and Staff Task Force sub-committee member)
  • Presenter at HP Flick Fest (film festival portion of HP Literary Festival)
  • Speaker on HPHS Principal's New Teacher Orientation Parent Panel
  • High School Teacher
  • Faculty Sponsor of Bagpipe school newspaper
  • High School Football and Basketball Coach
  • Graduate, Highland Park High School (Student Body President 1989-90)

Highland Park Middle School/McCulloch Intermediate School

  • Dads Club Member, including participation in all-HPISD annual Dads Club Softball Tournament
  • YMCA coach for multiple M.I.S. boys and girls basketball and football teams

Armstrong Elementary School

  • Dads Club Member
  • Cafeteria Volunteer Cashier
  • YMCA coach for multiple boys and girls soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and softball teams
  • YMCA Sports Committee Member

* Current leadership roles and positions are indicated by bold text.  


Thank you for donating to this election campaign. No donations from corporations, unions, or political action committees will be accepted. The election campaign team is committed to exercising good stewardship over all donated funds. After all campaign expenses have been paid, any unspent funds will be donated to the Highland Park Independent School District and will be designated for the HPISD General Revenue Fund*

* More than 85% of the HPISD General Revenue Fund is typically spent, annually, on teacher and faculty compensation.

To have your name added to the list of supporters, please go to www.tinyurl.com/EllisCampaign

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